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Hi, I'm Morgan Lockhart

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About me

Morgan Lockhart wearing a white shirt and a gold necklace

Hi! I’m Morgan Lockhart, a front-end web developer based in Toronto, ON. I love bringing beautiful designs to life on the web with pixel-perfect accuracy. The hands on nature of the work, the immediacy of the results, and the satisfaction you get from some highly organized, semantic, responsive, and accessible code is what makes me so passionate about this new adventure.

From my previous life as a research scientist turned medical editor, I bring a passion for scientific communication and an acute eye for the smallest details. I am always eager to learn new things and take on challenges and currently, this includes cycling on the streets of Toronto, growing a garden on the roof of my condo, and decreasing my carbon footprint as much as I can.

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Latest work

desktop view of the Box Office Boffo app

React, API, Firebase · Group

Box Office Boffo.

Predict the top ten highest grossing movies of the summer and compete against your friends for bragging rights.

Live GitHub
desktop view of the Ask Peeves website landing page

React, API · Solo

Ask Peeves.

Took a wrong turn in the Floo Network and ended up in Knocturn Alley? Carefully selected spells appropriate for the situation delivered straight to your wand, or phone.

Live GitHub
desktop view of the Sun Dial Up website at sunset

CSS, jQuery, API · Paired-programming

Sun DialUp.

Based on your time of day, the background of this beautiful app will change in real time to relect the sky outside.

Live GitHub
desktop view of the Planted website landing page

HTML5, CSS3, PSD conversion · Solo


A multipage PSD conversion with an intricate layout and multiple forms.

Live GitHub
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Reach me by email at lockhart.mb@gmail.com or through the form below.

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